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Let me show you how to streamline and organize your finances, maximize your tax deductions, spend from your biz account without feeling like you’re doing it wrong, and the right things to do to keep the IRS from knocking at your door.

You can’t afford to keep winging it with your finances.

streamline and organize your finances (for good)

maximize your tax deductions

spend from your biz account without having a panic attack

set up all the right things to do to keep the IRS happy

become an expert at your own money stuff

... hi. 👋 Let me help you:

If your business finances feel like a runaway train...

If tax time stresses you out and you're actively afraid of the IRS...

If your money feels like the bottom half of the "business mullet" you wear on your Zoom calls...

take the mystery out of your money.

Download this checklist to help you make sure you have your business up right. It's more than just picking a business name or registering for an LLC.

Are you a new business owner?

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I help online business owners get organized and feel confident when it comes to their money—whether it’s day-to-day management, making a big important financial decision, maximizing your tax deductions, or keeping the IRS away from your door. 

More often than not, online business owners aren’t super confident in what they’re doing money-wise.
When you look at your peers, you may think that they have the money thing all figured out, and you’re secretly ashamed that you don’t— but a) you might be wrong, and b) even if they DO have it figured out now, they didn’t always. Either way, don’t feel bad.

Feeling confident with your money is totally possible. You’re not “bad at” it.

I'll show you how to pay yourself consistently, save for taxes, and make sure your business expenses are covered while helping you create the structures & processes you need. 

Hello! I'm Megan.

— Natasha S.

Megan has truly transformed the way I think about. my finances for my business!"

— Chelsea M.

I don't know how anyone runs a business without hiring you!"

— Wendy C.

I feel much better, more informed and better equipped to make decisions in my business!"

— Kacia B.

Megan is brilliant at what she does and makes a highly intimidating experience enjoyable and easy to navigate for a newbie like myself. "

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Download this tax resource guide to help you know what taxes you pay as a business owner, what you can and can't deduct, what records to keep and how to pay less to the IRS.

The need to know information on deductions, record keeping and how to save money on taxes!

Tax Resource Guide