You know that one hall closet that’s stuffed to the gills with all the old clothes, papers, and other random stuff you don’t really know what to do with? 

Yep. That’s your money situation.

But there's something I bet nobody’s told you before: 

You can be just as good at wrangling your money—paying your taxes on time, writing yourself a consistent paycheck, and never worrying about those baddies at the IRS coming for you—as you are at everything else.

Except when it comes to your business finances, which are really kind of a hot mess. 

You are so good at the services you provide. Your clients are obsessed with you, you’re incredibly organized, and your intelligence and passion shine through in everything you do. 

Be a better business owner. 

You’ve probably taken courses, tried out various software platforms, and read the books. Most of my clients have, and yet they’re still feeling overwhelmed.

It seems like the information you need to develop a working knowledge of you finances is locked away behind a secret CPA handshake—which only makes it feel MORE confusing and complicated. 

Speaking of CPAs… most of them are only meeting with their clients once a year, and during tax time they’re so swamped that they don’t have time for all your questions. (Plus, many of them charge you an additional fee just for answering them.)

Well… this CPA is “retiring” from the tax-season hustle, and I’m ready to let you in on the secret handshake.

(First lesson: there is no secret handshake.) 

I know you've been trying.

  • Actually spend the money in your business account
  • Pay yourself. Every month!
  • Truly know what it costs to run your business, so your expenses don’t eat into your payroll (or the other way around)
  • Grow your business safely, and at a healthy pace 
  • Spend tax season focusing on the work you’re actually supposed to be doing, instead of digging through a virtual shoebox and freaking out
  • Make smart hiring decisions based on actual numbers
  • Adopt financial systems and/or software that you ACTUALLY USE and that ACTUALLY HELP you
  • Walk around feeling impressed with yourself because you finally understand taxes!

When you understand what gets taxed and why, and how much money needs to go toward your taxes vs. everything else, and whom to pay when, you can do things like—

Knowledge is power, and taking the mystery out of the IRS makes the IRS a whoooole lot less scary.

Unless you went to business school and focused on accounting (which the vast majority of service-based entrepreneurs did not) you were never taught about the difference between an LLC and an S-Corp. Nobody told you about that 15% self-employment tax until you had to pay it for the first time. And you certainly never learned the nuances and pitfalls of paying for your own health insurance—or how that would affect your taxes at the end of the year.

*And yet*, so much of the “money coaches” out there today are focusing only on your relationship to money. Your core beliefs and misconceptions and how they play into your attitudes toward prosperity and success.

There’s certainly value in that work, but after nearly 20 years in the accounting profession, I can tell you that the single most effective way to change your relationship to money—or more specifically, to taxes—is to figure out how they work in the first place. 

And it has *nothing* to do with “changing your mindset"

I’m a CPA and ex-corporate accountant and I show online business owners how to get organized and feel confident when it comes to their money—whether it’s day-to-day management, making a big important financial decision, maximizing your tax deductions, or keeping the IRS away from your door. 

I started my career back in 2006, doing taxes with a corporate accounting firm. I liked the tax part (yes, I’m a nerd), but I was growing frustrated with the once-a-year, everything-is-billable structure, and I absolutely hated scrambling with my clients to get organized for tax season DURING tax season. 

I found that in most cases, what our clients really needed was support from their CPAs throughout the year, especially if they were just starting out or had big changes going on.

So in 2015, I left the traditional job path and started working with clients on my own terms. I created a pricing structure that included answering random questions whenever they came up, and made sure all my people were prepared for tax season well in advance. 

Most of the clients who came my way were online business owners, so I got really good at specific financial planning and tax preparation for those types of business structures. And after a while, I realized I was spending like 85% of my time educating and explaining taxes and expenses to them—the actual tax return was the easy part!

One more thing…

Not only was I doing all of this accidental financial coaching (which, by the way, I loved)—I also found that all my clients were asking me the same questions. They all had the same concerns (that the IRS was coming for them; they were screwing up big time; they were totally disorganized, etc.)

But they were also really engaged. They weren’t afraid to reach out with questions throughout the year, and the more they understood about how to organize their money, the calmer and more at peace they seemed to feel.

All of this is why I revamped my services in 2018, to focus on teaching the most important financial and tax-related things every online business owner needs to know. 

To help them get set up properly, and to empower them to move forward in their full confidence and badassery.

(And also because I was really tired of January-to-April burnout.)  

I wholeheartedly believe that if you can free up the stress and overwhelm you feel around your money, then you can do more in your business to make an impact and change lives with your service and offering.

Hi There - I'm Megan


I can't wait to help you get good at your money!

I need this!

If your online business is pretty new (0-3 years):
The Online Business Finances™ Course will answer all your questions (including those you didn’t know to ask) and set you up for success as you start your business and as it grows.

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If you just have a million questions (or one big, specific one) and want to bend my ear for an hour:
You can book a one-off Strategy Session

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If you’re seeing some growth and need to get organized and/or revamp your existing systems & processes:
My Financial Strategy program gives you five weeks of 1:1 work with me. We’ll dive deep into all your money stuff, make sure you understand what’s happening and why, and get you organized and streamlined.

1:1 financial strategy program

There are three ways we can work together:

Freed up between $11,000 - $14,000 from their business account so they could pay themselves (I’ve done this with lots of my clients!)

Changed the way their businesses were taxed resulting in a minimum tax savings of $4,500. (Sooo many of my clients have benefited from this!)

Created a system to put money aside each week to pay themselves consistently between launches.

Saved $6K annually just by understanding which expenses were integral to the business vs. not.

Here are some cool things I've helped my clients do:

Created an easy way to start allocating funds into a retirement account consistently.

Showed them how to save enough for taxes each month to make regular, *stress-free* tax payments.

... and so much more!


I get to work with people all over the U.S. and teach them how to be in control and empowered by their money.


Really started to build my coaching services and built a course to help clients with their finances.


Realized that I was coaching my clients on the things they needed to do to be confident with their finances.


Slowly added tax preparation back into my work. Also offered high level bookkeeping and advisory services.


Saw the need for financial help for health coaches and those in the online space.


Left my cushy corporate job after having my first daughter. I craved flexibly and freedom.


Knew I wasn't cut out for sitting in a cubicle. Enrolled in IIN for something new.


Started working with a regional accounting firm and was always stressed during tax season.

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