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You’re ready for someone to actually talk to - someone who can give you customized advice specific to your business. You want to figure out how you can start paying yourself while making sure your expenses are still covered and how to stay out of trouble with the IRS.

You're in the right place.

A 1:1 coaching program that will teach you how to create a system to organize and manage your biz money, minimize your taxes and maximize your profits (aka - more money for you).

Financial Strategy program

So why not focus on that instead?

and why should you?

You’re passionate about what you do, but just don’t have the time or desire to learn an entire new trade like accounting.

You’re an expert at what YOU do. No one else can do what you do.

You know you need to get your business finances in order, but you’re feeling unsure, overwhelmed and scared you might do something wrong, so you don’t do anything.

Does this sound familiar?

What you need is less information & more strategic action.

Stick with me, I can help.

You’re giddy at the thought of what will happen if your next launch sells out or if you reach your revenue goals. But then boom! A pit in your stomach forms because if you make more money, then there’ll be more money stuff that you need to deal with. More money, more expenses, more taxes, more receipts… EEK. You really need to get help so making more money isn’t something that is stressing you out.

— Amy L.

 Megan's coaching program has been the best money I've ever invested in for my business. Megan will get on a call with you to hone in on what *you* need for your business.

— Chelsea M.

I don't know how anyone runs a business without hiring you!"

— Kyleigh B.

It was absolutely over-the-top. Amazing in every way. I'm honestly floored by the value I received. I feel super confident that I won't drown or make huge financial errors"

— Wendy C.

I feel much better, more informed and better equipped to make decisions in my business!"

— Sam B.

 You provided so much grace, & patience, & clarity in this experience. I am confident the growth & success here will happen IN TIME with more income for the new year. Our work together helped me see & plan for growth. I am so grateful!

— Kacia B.

 Megan is brilliant at what she does and makes a highly intimidating experience enjoyable and easy to navigate for a newbie like myself. She never made me feel incompetent for asking basic questions and I left the coaching program feeling confident and empowered in my new skills.

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I help online business owners get organized and feel confident when it comes to their money—whether it’s day-to-day management, making a big important financial decision, maximizing your tax deductions, or keeping the IRS away from your door. 

More often than not, online business owners aren’t super confident in what they’re doing money-wise.
When you look at your peers, you may think that they have the money thing all figured out, and you’re secretly ashamed that you don’t— but a) you might be wrong, and b) even if they DO have it figured out now, they didn’t always. Either way, don’t feel bad.

Feeling confident with your money is totally possible. You’re not “bad at” it.

I'll show you how to pay yourself consistently, save for taxes, and make sure your business expenses are covered while helping you create the structures & processes you need. 

Hello! I'm Megan.

knowing exactly what to do, when to do it and that it's right

knowing exactly how your money choices impact your business

confident you're doing everything you can to keep more of your money

uncertainty and fear that you might be screwing something up 

hoping you're making the right financial decision

wondering if you're paying too much in taxes


Go from

To know that you are taking all of the tax deductions that you should be so you keep more of your money while you're also saving for taxes so you aren’t screwed at tax time.

To be able to pay yourself consistently from your business even when your sales aren’t the same each month. 

And feeling confident that you can afford your other expenses while paying yourself.

And finally starting to build your retirement account.

And rather than thinking, “I’ll deal with it later”, you have a system in place for managing your money in a fraction of the time it currently takes you - bookkeeping, taxes, expenses, credit card debt, etc. 

To know that you are making good decisions with your money and doing more in your business than just paying your bills, you’re actually thriving! 

Can you imagine how it would feel...


hear leah's take on the program:

I've used my 17 years of CPA and coaching experience to build an easy-to-follow program so that you can see maximum results in only five weeks.

You get 1:1 coaching and support from me specific to YOUR business. No pre-recorded videos, cookie cutter templates or busy-work worksheets in this program!

We’ll look at the whole picture of your money (taxes, revenues, expenses, processes ,and your goals) so that you can start understanding the ins and outs of your finances. 

The coaching program is structured so each week builds upon the previous. I’m not just throwing information at you, but helping you understand and implement it each week. 

Built in accountability - we’ll have a call each week and homework in between to keep you on track and prevent you from feeling discouraged and wanting to give up.

We’ll not only look at what to do with your money, but why and how understanding that will impact how you are operating your business.

here's how the financial strategy is different...

• Have a solid money foundation so as your business grows you won’t have to worry about your finances being all over the place that you might cause problems for yourself down the road. Is your business set up the best way for taxes? Is the way you’re keeping track of your finances the most efficient?

• Learn how to pay yourself correctly from your business so that you can build a sustainable business working with your dream clients and not taking on work you don’t want to do. If your business can afford to pay expenses, it can afford to pay you. We just need to figure out how much and when.

• Create a system around your money so that you know you aren’t missing anything and making money mistakes. Instead of spending 20 minutes trying to remember what your “money stuff” is that you should be doing (and ultimately putting it off for another day), you’ll be able to know exactly what to do and when. You are going to save h.o.u.r.s. using this system and you won’t wake up sweating that you forgot something important.

• Understand the tax impact of what’s happening with your business. I don’t want to teach you taxes, but show you what you need to know so you can minimize what you’re paying and make good decisions for your business and not feel like a fool when you talk to your tax person. When you minimize your taxes, you are increasing what’s available to you and your business.

• Learn how to look forward with your money so that you can plan ahead and grow your business how you want to. When you are able to make confident financial decisions, you worry less about whether or not it was the right move for you. You are able to KNOW that you made the right decision investing in that course, program, virtual assistant and so much more.

This program will teach you how to organize and manage your business finances.

We’ll make sure you:

Sounds great, I want to apply!

Having control of your money and knowing you have all of your bases covered.

Finally get a good night’s sleep without worrying about money.

Feel calm and confident that you’re always making the right decision financially.

Peace of mind knowing that I’m always just a quick message away. Really.

Not to mention all the things that are harder to quantify...

Five one on one hour long calls with me tailored specifically to your business so that you don’t get off-track and frustrated with not knowing what to do next.

• Accountability to help keep you on track and make progress throughout the program. I give you information and action steps to take so you are building on each session and creating new habits implementing what we cover.

• A process and checklists to help you stay in charge of your money. I give you the tools you need to be able to do this by yourself after we are done working together. 

Unlimited access to me through email and Voxer in between our meetings so if you get stuck or have a question, I’ve got your back.

Financial Strategy Coaching:

What's included:

are you ready to feel        About your finances?


Are you ready to feel amazing about your finances?

One payment of $1,997

pay in full

apply today

apply today

2 payments of $1,020

payment plan

your investment

Emily haD this to say about working together:

You’ll fill out an application and schedule a free call so we can meet to make sure we’re a good fit and chat about your business and the process. (Don’t worry, an application isn’t an automatic yes).

After our call, if we decide to do this, I’ll send you a contract and welcome packet to get you started and links to schedule your sessions.

We’ll meet virtually once a week for five weeks (think of how great you’ll feel in just 5 weeks!!)

Each week has a theme, but come prepared with questions and we’ll make sure they all get answered.

how do you get started:

You know in your gut that your business could be great but you need to make sure you are financially organized so you don’t sabotage yourself.

You're ready to be organized so you aren’t worried you are breaking all the rules with your money and taxes.

You want to know what’s most important to be tracking so come tax time you’re not frantic.

You want to ensure you are saving enough for taxes and figure out exactly what you can vs cannot use the business money for.

10 Ways to know if this program is right for you...

You constantly feel like you’re going in circles trying to DIY getting organized but just can’t seem to see a clear path on what to do. 

You want to invest in your business but are scared to spend your money in case you screw something up

Your business is growing but you’re scared because you know your finances aren’t set up with a strong foundation and they’ve been kind of thrown together.

You’re a coach or course creator and have more money in launch periods than non-launching periods and have been riding the money roller coaster and are ready to get off that ride.

You’re sick and tired of being sick of tired and stressed about your money.

You know you’re smart enough and not having your money sh*t together is stressing you out big time.

— Kyleigh B.

I feel super confident that I won't drown or make huge financial errors."

Here's what people have said about their results after working with me:

"I feel a lot more comfortable making business spending decisions now that business and personal finances are separate. It's much easier to look at expenses and ROI and determine what financial decisions to make to grow my business."

— Chelsea M.

"The financial management gains we made over a short period of time were crucial. Your program far exceeded ourexpectations."

— Ferrin & clare

Common Qs and As:

hey girl, i have a question...

How is this program different from the other “money coaching” programs? 

How is this program different from the other “money coaching” programs? 

In addition to giving you systems and processes to follow, we dig into more to look at what’s happening with your taxes. My goal is to help you understand what is happening with your money so you can look forward with it and make solid financial decisions based on what your numbers are telling you. If you’re struggling with bookkeeping, I can also help you get it caught up and show you how to keep track of your finances to make it easy and not overwhelming.

How can understanding my taxes help me if I already have a CPA?

How can understanding my taxes help me if I already have a CPA?

We dig deep into your expenses and tax strategies to see where you might have savings opportunities. Money saved means more money available to you. Understanding how you can minimize your taxes is powerful and you can ask the right questions to your CPA so you know you are doing what you can to save money.

My revenues are different each month because I launch at different times during the year, will your system work for me?  

My revenues are different each month because I launch at different times during the year, will your system work for me?  

I teach you a method to help you use the money you earn in big months to help you pay yourself and save for taxes for when there isn’t as much coming in. I personally use this method and my clients also have success with it. I’m sure it will work for you too!

I have a bookkeeper and outsource my taxes, will this work for me? 

I have a bookkeeper and outsource my taxes, will this work for me?  

Absolutely! We’ll be able to get the info we need from your bookkeeper and we can talk over your current tax situation and cover any questions you have. I’ll look for opportunities that you can bring to your current tax preparer. We’ll talk about the numbers you should be looking at as a business owner and covering the reports you get from your bookkeeper and what they mean.

I don’t have a bookkeeper or outsource my taxes, will this work for me? 

I don’t have a bookkeeper or outsource my taxes, will this work for me? 

Yep! I can help you make sure you are being efficient with both of these items and cover any of your issues as you are working with these items. We’ll talk about what you need to know as a business owner if you are wanting to outsource and how to continue to be in touch with your money if you are handing it off. 

My money stuff is an absolute disaster and I’m super embarrassed about it. I’ve tried and tried, but can’t seem to figure it out. How can I do this program and not feel like a failure? 

My money stuff is an absolute disaster and I’m super embarrassed about it. I’ve tried and tried, but can’t seem to figure it out. How can I do this program and not feel like a failure? 

I can promise you - I’ve seen it all and it’s not as bad as you think. This is a judgment free zone and I’ll help you get organized in no time. :)

How can I be sure this can work for my business? 

How can I be sure this can work for my business? 

If you’re an online based business, this program will work for you. If you show up and put in the work, do the assigned homework and make changes, you will see significant progress and transformation.

I’m a brand new business owner, is this program a good fit? 

I’m a brand new business owner, is this program a good fit? 

Is there a refund policy? 

Is there a refund policy? 

Can you file my taxes for me?

Can you file my taxes for me?

One payment of $1,997

pay in full

apply today

apply today

2 payments of $1,020

payment plan

Let's get started!

You’re ready to finally get your finances under control and don’t want to spend another year working your butt off and STILL feeling like you are struggling.

If you've made it this far, you're ready.

You’re ready to feel in control of your finances.

You don’t want to dread tax season, praying that what you might owe will drain your bank account. 

You want to be free from constantly checking your bank balances and calculating when money is coming in to pay the bills.

Apply Today!

I wholeheartedly believe that if you can free up the stress and overwhelm you feel about your business finances, that you can do more in your biz to make an impact and change lives with your services and offerings.

You’re smart enough to do it and just need someone to help you figure out what to do. When you have this financial peace around your business, you are capable of so much. You really can take your business to the next level. 

You’re at a point in your business and want to level up and that cookie cutter course full of information for all types of businesses isn’t going to do it for you. You don’t have the time to sort through what applies to you as an online business owner and what doesn’t. You also don’t have the time or desire to go down the rabbit hole of what happens when you try to figure it out on your own – Free information, Google, Pinterest, and ultimately, information overload.

You need specific action steps, relevant information and a system around your finances to make it easy and streamlined. Stick with me, I can help.

I'm a cpa, money educator and financial strategist

Nice to meet you!