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If you just have a million questions (or one big, specific one) and want to bend my ear for an hour this is what you need.

Let's Strategize and Get You On Track.

Maybe you just have a few questions about some stuff or need a plan to get started.

Some topics we could cover include how to pay yourself from your biz, saving for taxes and estimates, planning for upcoming expenses and growth, if you should register as an LLC, etc.

You’ll leave our call with a solid action plan on next steps to take to get your financial booty in gear. It’s really a win-win.

What you need is less information overload & more specific answers to your questions...

This strategy session is designed to assess your current situation, ask any and all questions you wanna’ ask, and get a whole lot of clarity around your money. 

your investment $220

I need this!

specific information tailored to your business

organized & confident

excited & having a clear plan

information overload from self searching

unorganized & stressed

Overwhelmed & unmotivated


Go from

— Lauren T.

"Amazing! I walked away from our session with so much clarity with my finances and business."

  1. You'll fill out a short questionnaire and schedule our call.
  2. I'll send over an invoice to be paid before our first session.
  3. We'll have our first session and make a plan on what's next.
  4. I'll send you a recording of our call and action steps to take.

How Does It Work:

• One 60 minute coaching call over Zoom so you can get alll your questions answered, even the ones you don't know to ask.

• A recording of our Zoom call and specific action steps to follow up on.

• If you still have more questions, you'll have an option to purchase second follow up strategy session at a discounted rate.

Our Meeting:

What's included:

I want this!

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One payment of

strategy session

Your Investment

— Kara C.

The session was just what I needed at this stage as a new business owner. Getting informed made me feel re-energized about entrepreneurship, and confident that I can start strong with business finances"

— Natasha S.

"I have been horrified to tackle my money for my business since the start almost two years ago especially after a negative experience with an accountant. Megan has truly transformed the way I think about my finances for my business!

Q: Can you help me file my taxes? 

A: Sorry, I'm not taking on tax clients at this time.

Tax Preparation

Q: What should I send you before we meet?

A: It would be helpful if you put together a list of questions you want to cover. If you want to email me your questions before our meeting, but you don't have to.

Q: When should I expect to receive my session recording? 

A: You'll receive your session recording within 24 hours of our call.

Q: What if I want another session later? 

A: If you book one session and then decide later you'd like a second session, I'll give you a discounted price for additional sessions.

Session Questions

You have questions, I have answers.

Download this tax resource guide to help you know what taxes you pay as a business owner, what you can and can't deduct, what records to keep and how to pay less to the IRS.

The need to know information on deductions, record keeping and how to save money on taxes!

Tax Resource Guide